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Respect Yo' Mama: Here Comes Mr. Recycle Man!

35 min. DVD. PPR. Garbage in...Films/Moving Pictures. Color cover.

Not one of Snoop Dogg's latest matriarchal odes, Respect Yo 'Mama (a.k.a. Mother Nature) is actually devoted to the subject of recycling. Backed by an eclectic, environmentally-friendly soundtrackincluding "This Land Is Your Land" and music by Dr. Elmo of "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" famethe program, hosted by Jack and Inga (who's so dedicated, her fleece-style jacket is made from recycled plastic!), looks at recycling processes (with detailed footage of crushing, separating, and melting), workers in the field (including dump owners, sorters, "Dan, the Tree Man," and "Mr. Recycle" pickup guy Jorge), and people who have taken the "creative solution" idea to the extreme, including a man who built a house constructed from "hybrid adobe" (made of paper pulp, water, and earth) for $1,400; and an artist who creates sculptures from trash (including a Mona Lisa!). An enlightening conservation-minded overview of recycling, this is recommended. Aud: E, I, P. (/. Williams-Wood)


What people are saying about Respect Yo' Mama Here Comes Mr. Recycle Man:

"It's Fun!"

" Entertaining and never Condescending"

"An Important Film"

"Great Music!"

"Worth the Price just for the Soundtrack"

 "Visually Beautiful and Interesting with a strong Musical Soundtrack"


Respect Yo' Mama: Here Comes Mr. Recycle Man. DVD. color. 35 min. Garbage in Films & Moving Pictures. 

Gr 2 Up-Intended to make children enthusiastic about recycling, the film's two main characters introduce and explain the importance of conservation and provide information about the garbage cycle and recycling. Viewers are shown in great detail how many materials, including glass, paper, and steel, are recycled. Children will love all of the truck and machine action with the mixture of jazz and folk music in the background. This section features men and women discussing the various processes of changing garbage into reusable items, such as iron being transformed into brake drums. The film concludes with an artist describing the projects that he creates with discarded Sterns. Viewers are asked to think of creative ways to recycle their garbage. An interesting way to expose children to the importance of conservation and recycling.-Cynthia Grabke, Thayer Public Library, Braintree, MA

Respect Yo' Mama: Here Comes Mr. Recycle Man! 35min. Garbage In, DVD. Gr. 6-8.

Make way for this fantastic film!

Through live-action footage, the program showcases the methods, machines, and manpower involved in the recycling of iron, steel, paper, glass, plastic, and tree and yard waste. Enormous machines, including the shear, magnetic crane, shipyard cranes, and steel-melting machines, are highlighted. Various persons discuss a wide spectrum of problems associated with garbage and recycling. The entertaining and informative script moves the program at a brisk pace and never seems condescending. The visuals are equally spectacular and presented in great color and resolution and in an innovative fashion. The program covers the entire spectrum of waste technology and recycling, including the processing of recycled materials into adobe "bricks," plastic sculptures, and pipe and brake drums. Recommended for school libraries.

 James Scholtz





This Land Is Your Land, So let's all do our part to keep it Green and Clean!




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